Calbaq and Banco de Alimentos Diakonia supporting the “Arte en Tres” project of the Centro de Arte Integral Reina de Guayaquil

Calbaq was pleased to receive the visit of our current Virreina de Guayaquil María Mercedes Pesantes where we collaborated with our products in favor of the children of the community together with the Diakonia Food Bank who also joined for this great cause.

On February 6, 2018 we received the visit of the Virreina de Guayaquil María Mercedes Pesantes, where we supported the donation of products to comply with the cleaning and maintenance of the Integral Art Center Queen of Guayaquil during a year of services for children and girls from the community. The donation made by Calbaq was part of the process to launch the “Arte en Tres” project, which consists of welcoming low-income children who are interested in artistic training, away from the dangers of the street and the use of drugs, encouraging their creativity to raise your self-esteem.

Calbaq participated in this activity giving away products of the brands Tip’s, Polish, Shantal and Duracell, thus supporting the development of our country together with the Food Bank Diakonia who also joined for this great cause.