We are a company founded in 1972, with the purpose of manufacturing personal care products, producing only the brands: A-1, Shantal and Action 24.

In 1980 Calbaq began with the production of its star brand Tip’s. Initially under this brand was manufactured and marketed Tip’s Fragrance Discs, product that is currently leader in this category in the ecuadorian market. Nowdays Tip’s brand has 27 product lines such as: fragance discs, bath germicide discs, disinfectant, discs to clean and disinfect toilet tank, glass cleaner, dishwasher, powder cleaner, chlorine, among others.

Tip’s is today a proudly Ecuadorian brand that is characterized by innovation and constant evolution, delivering new quality products for home care, such as Tips 60 ° Dishwasher Cream, the new range of fragrances of air fresheners in Spray, as well as the latest trends in fragrance diffuser systems by the brand Tip’s such as bamboo, electric, automatic, odor eliminator, candles, pearls, fabric fresheners and spray with disinfectant action. CALBAQ also participates in the category of clothing care with its brand 123, with carnival foams with leading brands and recognized such as Funkete, Samba, Kaipiriña and Waka Waka.

After dedicating its first years exclusively to local production, today CALBAQ also imports and markets products of great prestige and quality at international level: Duracell, Mentos, Airheads, Pez, Haribo, Topps, Bubble Boy, Splenda, Carozzi, Ambrosoli, Costa, Trick, Mas, Renuzit, Xtrem, Dial, Pert, OxiClean, among others.

On September 7, 2017 Calbaq S.A. received, from the Chamber of Commerce of Guayaquil, a well-deserved recognition of the excellent management that throughout its 45 years of institutional life has been developing.


Our reason for existing and the reason why we get up every day is:
“Develop and represent successful brands of massive consumption, that generate value to our clients, strategic allies and


Be recognized as the best ecuadorian company mass consumption.